SKIN TIP: Use Lotion At Night For Seriously Soft Skin

Our hardworking hands are often forgotten during our nighttime skincare routine, but, like the skin on our face, deserve some attention. Because our hands are almost always exposed - like while driving, gardening, or eating on the patio - they can become extremely dry. Like the skin on our face, this lack of moisture can lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging. Applying lotion throughout the day is beneficial to your hands' health, but treating them at night can result in seriously smooth and soft hands.

Once a week we recommend using a quarter-sized amount of our Healing Hand Butter and applying a generous layer on hands. Then, cover hands with cotton gloves before going to bed. Wearing gloves over night will allow the thick layer of Hand Butter to gradually absorb into skin, while trapping in the moisture so your skin benefits from it. As an added bonus, the scents from our Lavender Vanilla Healing Hand Butter will help you relax even more when drifting off to sleep.

And don't stop at your hands! You can put our Healing Hand Butter on your feet and cover them with socks for the same result.


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