The Benefits of Using Serums

Sally B's Skin Yummies Blog: Serum 101: How & Why to Use Serums


Research has shown that moisture is an important key to maintaining skin’s youthful glow. During the winter months, our skin can become dry, serving as a reminder to use additional moisturizing products. The summer, however, is a different story. The humid air allows us to take a vacation from heavy product application, and often times applying a moisturizer is not necessary. While your skin may not need a cream or lotion to feel moisturized, applying a moisturizing serum is still a good, daily matter what the season. Most serums on the market contain restorative and skin-firming ingredients, like antioxidants and peptides, which are beneficial no matter what the weather.

By design, serums are lightweight, quick to absorb into skin, and fast acting. While lotions and creams contain heavy emollients and filler ingredients (purposefully included to create a barrier that retains moisture), serums are specifically formulated to penetrate the skin. They have a high concentration of active ingredients, which efficiently and effectively deliver their benefits deep within the skin.

While most serums work to hydrate skin, their added benefits can vary. Our Daytime and Nighttime Antioxidant Serums, for example, are formulated with antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals. The Daytime Serum has organic botanicals like Green Tea, Olive Leaf, Calendula, and Helichrysum that protect and repair. The Nighttime Serum contains another set of powerful botanicals like organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, Ubiquinone, and Licorice Root. Our Peptide Booster Serum uses vegetable derived pea peptides to boost the skin’s collagen and elastin production using an oil-free medium. All can work alone or be used in conjunction with other products.

How To Apply A Serum
  • On top of clean, dry skin, smooth a pea-sized amount of serum evenly over face. We recommend applying one morning and night.
  • If applying more than one product - like our Peptide Booster Serum and Carrot Facial Dream Cream - make sure the serum is applied first. This will ensure that it is able to absorb into skin without any barriers to cross.
  • Want to use more than one serum? Go for it! Just make sure you apply the most lightweight product first. So, Peptide Booster first, followed by Nighttime Antioxidant Serum, which is a bit thicker.

Applying an organic serum takes no time at all, absorbs quickly, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. After finding the right serum for your specific skin need, make it a part of your daily or nighttime routine.


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