New Year's Resolution: Change Is Good

The New Year is a ceremonious occasion for change. Typically we talk about our personal goals for self-improvement, but today we discuss some changes happening around our kitchen. From new packaging to newly sourced ingredients, we have some noteworthy happenings to share! Change is good!

Meet Our New Traveler

When we debuted our Traveler several years ago, we knew we wanted it to be packaged in a reusable, sustainably made bag. When we couldn't find a viable solution here in the United States, we ended up sourcing our organic cotton, drawstring bags from India. Like with all aspects of our business, however, we're always looking for other solutions when possible. And wouldn't you believe that the solution was in the  Sally B's kitchen all along? One of our very own moonlights as a seamstress. When right before the New Year she mentioned she could create us an alternative, we put her to work. The result: an organic cotton bag with a zipper that holds the same 6 travel sized portion products! We love this bag, but love it even more that it is being made locally!

 A New Hue For Our Antioxidant Skin Boost

Our beloved Antioxidant Skin Boost is one hard working product. Full of beneficial, real ingredients, this product has become a mainstay in daily skin care regimes all over the world. While the ingredients have never faltered in their duties, we discovered a new Organic Pomegranate Seed Extract that we have incorporated into the formula. The product still delivers the same skin glowing effects, though you might notice a slight change in the color of the product. This variety of the ingredient uses more of the fruit (in addition to the seeds) than the last variety, making it more pink. With this addition, our Boost will now appear to be more of a nude color than the green you are used to.

Discover Pomegranate Seed Extract here.

In Search Of: A New Home For Our B Glossy Lip Gloss

The Traveler may have gotten an upgrade in the New Year, but our B Glossy Lip Gloss didn't fair so well. The packaging that we use for our lip gloss is unfortunately no longer available. We are currently testing new options and will debut B Glossy's new look as soon as we run through our current stock of tubes. We're reminding ourselves that change is good, so we're excited to see what we discover.

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