Common Skin Care Mistakes You Could Be Making

At one point or another, in our quest for flawless skin, we have been desperate enough to try anything. We have picked pimples, layered on products that claim to be skin smoothing, and have even tried a gimmicky remedy that we read about on the Internet (hello, toothpaste on a blemish!). But these "quick fix" solutions may be doing more harm to skin than good.

Here are some common skin care mistakes that should be avoided:

Improper Exfoliation of the Face. There are many scrubs and products on the market claiming to be essential to facial exfoliation, but tread lightly. Using harsh ingredients, like sugar, exfoliation beads, or ground-up fruit pits on your face can strip the skin of its delicate top layer and even cause capillaries under the skin to rupture, which will lead to skin redness and inflammation.

Forgetting Your Neck. One of the most common mistakes is forgetting to pamper your neck. Sunscreen, moisturizer, and cleanser should also be applied to the neck and decollete as they can become just as wrinkled as the rest of your face.



Not Washing Your Face. There are many people who only wash their face with soap once a day, however, we believe it is essential to cleanse twice a day.  Using a gentle, yet effective cleanser will ensure that your skin and pores are free of dirt, grime and bacteria. Failure to do so will increase pore size, possibly make skin oilier, and even cause acne.

Expecting Instant Results. In order to see extraordinary results, you must be patient. Simply making the switch to non-toxic products won't clear up your skin overnight. You may have to introduce new products gradually and then stick with them for a few weeks to see an improvement in your skin. And with skin patient. Do not pick pimples or other blemishes! Let them resolve themselves naturally so you do not incur additional damage or end up with an unsightly scar.

Using products for the sake of using products. Just because one person needs a moisturizer, toner, and serum, doesn't mean you need to use them all, too. Using unnecessary products can prohibit beneficial products from reaching their full potential. Plus, it makes a big impact on your wallet. Take time to learn your skin and feed it with only the products it needs. We have said it before: be your own expert!

While our skin is the toughest organ we own (it protects all of our insides, after all), it is just as delicate. Keep it free of irritation, dirt, scuffs, scars, and imperfections through thoughtful product selection, careful application, and lots of TLC. It may take some time to find your perfect skin care routine, but by avoiding these common mistakes you may reach your destination sooner than you might think.

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