5 Skin Loving Ingredients In Your Kitchen Right Now

Our skin takes a beating during the summer and it’s important that we give it regular TLC to rejuvenate and repair it. A mud mask is one way to do just that. Our B Green Mud Mask is a dry powder that contains great ingredients, like French Green Clay and Organic Green Tea, that are high in antioxidant and detoxifying properties. You can mix it with water and apply as is, or you can customize it to make it specific to your skin's needs. While our go-to ingredients are honey, banana, avocado, or olive oil, there are a multitude of other ingredients in your kitchen just waiting to be mixed into a recipe. 

Whether you’re looking to find the perfect organic mud mask recipe or just want to add some variety to your skin care routine, here are 5 lesser known, but awesome, mud mask ingredients.



  1. Coffee grounds or ground coffee. Caffeine can boost your energy and your skin health. The caffeine in coffee grounds has antioxidant properties and can reduce inflammation (perfect for puffy eyes). Find organic, fair trade beans (Green Mountain Coffee’s Organic House Blend is found in most grocery stores) and grind them on the fine or espresso setting before adding them to your mask. Or you can use the already used grounds from your morning coffee. Now that's some serious repurposing!
  2. Lemons. Both the peel of a lemon and its juice can be beneficial to the skin. Lemon juice is full of the antioxidant Vitamin C, has antibacterial properties (making it helpful in the fight against acne), and contains alpha hydroxy acids making it a natural exfoliator. It also helps to extract toxins, brighten skin, and reduce discoloration.
  3. Yogurt. Dairy contains lactic acid, which is another alpha hydroxy acid. In addition to being an excellent exfoliator, yogurt smooths and soothes skin and can even out your skin tone. Plus, it's mild enough to work with most skin types. The consistency of greek yogurt is a great addition to your Mud Mask.
  4. Egg whites. An egg white mask might sound old school, but your grandma was on to something. Egg whites are full of protein, potassium, and riboflavin, which can tighten pores, tone, hydrate, and repair damaged cells. The whites of eggs also contain lysozyme, which is an enzyme that expunges the bacteria that has the potential to cause acne.
  5. Mint. Chock full of Vitamin A, mint can strengthen skin, balance out oil production, and calm itchy skin. It is a natural astringent and it is a rich source of salicylic acid, which helps slough off dead skin cells. The uplifting and cooling scent is a bonus!
Mix any of these ingredients with our B Green Mud Mask base for a toxin-removing mask customized to your skin’s needs. While in other seasons you may only need to create a DIY facial once a month, in the summer we recommend making them more frequent players in your skin care routine. Pop the ingredients in the fridge before you mix up your mask for an extra cooling, spa like experience.
























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