Six Ways To Spoil Mom This Weekend

We're big fans of regular pampering, but Mother's Day weekend gives moms a significant reason to indulge. Whether you carve out an hour or six, there is more than one way to relax and rejuvenate this weekend. Here are some ways you can treat yourself or someone you love:

  • Whip up a mud mask. Our B Green Mud Mask repairs and enriches skin for a noticeable and beautiful glow. It is a fully customizable product, so you can tweak your recipe to cater to your specific needs. Need a boost of moisture? Add olive oil and avocado. Have irritated skin? Mix in a banana and plain yogurt. Spent too much time in the sun? Honey and yogurt are two great add-ins.
  • Take a long, relaxing bath. Baths are one of our favorite ways to unwind. Set aside some time to truly disconnect and enjoy your soak. We recommend adding a few drops of soothing essential oils to your tub, checking your phone and the door, and sipping on tea or water to stay hydrated. We give you more de-stressing bath tips here.
  • Dry brush your skin. Carve out some time before or after your bath or shower this weekend to give dry brushing a try with our detoxing dry brush. Benefits of dry brushing include lymphatic support, exfoliation, cleansing pores, reduces cellulite and boosts energy. The results may not be immediate, but over time you will start seeing a change in your overall health. For dry brushing tips, click here. 
  • Get your beauty sleep. Make a point to get a good, quality night's sleep this weekend. Exhausted skin can show dark circles, puffy skin under eyes, and a dull, muddy complexion. In addition to a good night's sleep, use our Beauty Sleep Collection that includes Nighttime Antioxidant Serum and Antioxidant Skin Boost that offers moisturizing, reparative, and anti-aging benefits.
  • Go outside. Take a walk through a park or just enjoy sitting on your patio. If gardening is your thing, choose some of your favorite plants and take time to surround yourself with nature while gardening. Getting a bit of exercise and breathing fresh air helps to de-stress and rejuvenate the soul.

While sometimes it may not seem like a high priority, pampering yourself and your skin is vital to your overall well-being. Your skin will be nourished, refreshed, and enriched, and your stress levels will be low - the perfect combination for confidence and health.

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