The Traveler


Where will you take us?! Never again do you have to sacrifice your natural beauty when you hit the road. We have shrunk down 6 of our most popular, skin loving products into easy-to-pack travel sizes and packed them into an organic cotton, zip top pouch made locally and exclusively for us. This pouch fits easily into your luggage and meets TSA liquid size standards. Forget the mess of creating our own travel sizes, because we’ve done it for you!

This collection is also a great way to discover our products! Each product is sized to allow for several days worth of use. For best results, please use all products within 6 months of purchase.

Each bag includes generous portions of the following:

Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser (1 oz), Daytime Antioxidant Serum (.5 oz), Nighttime Antioxidant Serum (.5 oz), Peptide Booster Serum (.5 oz)*, Get Even Finishing Powder(.5 g jar), Carrot Facial Dream Cream (.5 oz jar)

* the Peptide Booster Serum has replaced the Tinted Moisturizer in our Traveler


Customer Reviews
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Mirela from Sweden on Aug 20, 2014
Love them!
Mary from Wisconsin on Nov 09, 2012
This is the perfect travel package. I was already using some of the products and this allowed me to try the others. I love that the bottles are reusable and they actually contain a lot of product! Thanks for putting together the perfect package!